New Designer

So you want to add your work to the ShluchimDesignBase? That’s great!

Here’s some of the things you need to know:

  • The ShluchimDesignBase is a non-profit organization. This means that it makes no profit :)

    Neither the designers nor the users are paying anything to the site, aside for some who choose to donate.

  • The purpose of the ShluchimDesignBase is to provide Shluchim with an easy-to-use, searchable and browseable database of pre-existing postcards, flyers, brochures etc. for them to choose from, allowing them to modify an existing design for any of their programs.

    This benefits the Shluchim (faster and cheaper to modify something than to create something new – plus you are pretty sure you’ll be happy with what you get), and the designers (generally more profit from modifying a design than from making things from scratch – happier clients too!).

  • Any designer is welcome to post their work for the ShluchimDesignBase. The only requirements are that the work be relevant and useful to Shluchim, and that no ads be posted. Keyword spam is also frowned upon.

  • The site is not accessible to the general public. Shluchim need a login provided by a central Chabad organization to use the site, and designers are permitted to view only their own portfolios to protect the site’s exclusivity.

  • You cannot register yourself for the DesignBase. The process is to:

    1) Email me:
    Please include your name, business name (if you have one), and a sample of your work.

    2) Receive a login and password from me with instructions of where to log in and how to upload your designs.

    3) Actually go and upload your designs.